Working with Hader Ali Consultancy

Through innovation, technology and strategy, we at Hader Ali Consultancy help our clients solve the unsolved problems - so our clients can serve their customers better.

We listen, consider and then we advise. Our experience runs deep and we can tell you whether your objectives are realistic, we will offer a roadmap as to how you'll get there and the time it'll take.

We work with industry leaders and offer a bespoke service, we will shape a hand-picked team around you. Our agile, versatile approach brings you sharper insight, sounder advice, a robust innovation programme and better value for money.

Focusing on your mid and long terms strategy, were obsessed with excellence, new innovation,  and adapt how we work to suit you.

There are a number of ways we can work together:

  • I’ll help you discover new opportunities for growth through existing or non-existing customers and markets. New insights are what I’ll deliver
  • Introduce a structured framework for innovation
  • I'll help develop and build your innovation portfolio - future proofing your business
  • Chair a brainstorming session and be a spark plug of new ideas
  • At your office for the day, I will present some new thinking and help your team apply it
  • I will create and facilitate workshops on topics such as strategy and innovation to help you map out hot spots, ways to play and ways to win
  • Working remotely with you to solve problems
  • I will develop a new knowledge network and ecosystem for you that will bring diversity of thinking as well as specialised resources that you can then bring into the mix
  • Develop complete solutions, strategies and ideas
  • If needed, I will come in and be part of your team for a few months
  • I’ll bring together resources from my own network of innovators, put a team together to identify new markets and tackle them
  • My consultancy will help create a new customer experience with your team
  • I will streamline new ideas into focused experiments, removing unnecessary risks and bring your product/service faster into the market


Let’s do 30 minutes over a coffee where we can discuss how I can help you.

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