Dear Tech Entrepreneur – How Can I Help You?

You want to get away from the humdrum that is the 9 to 5. You want to work for yourself and you’ve got a new innovative idea. An amazing tech start-up that’ll change the world..!
Now what?

As an innovation/business consultant, I help start-ups to discover opportunities, develop ideas and execute strategies to improve processes. I assist in innovating new capabilities, creating new products/services and launching them to market.

In short, I’ll help you discover opportunities, give them form, and turn them into something tangible that delivers impact.

There are a number of ways we can work together:

  • I’ll help you discover new opportunities for growth through existing or non-existing customers and markets. New insights are what I’ll deliver
  • Chair a brainstorming session and be a spark plug of new ideas.
  • At your office for the day, I will present some new thinking and help your team apply it
  • I will create and facilitate workshops on topics such as strategy and innovation to help you map out hot spots, ways to play and ways to win
  • Working remotely with you to solve problems
  • I will develop a new knowledge network and ecosystem for you that will bring diversity of thinking as well as specialised resources that you can then bring into the mix
  • Develop complete solutions, strategies and ideas
  • If needed, I will come in and be part of your team for a few months
  • I’ll bring together resources from my own network of innovators, put a team together to identify new markets and tackle them.
  • My consultancy will help create a new customer experience with your team
  • I will streamline new ideas into focused experiments, removing unnecessary risks and bring your product/service faster into the market

Let’s grab a coffee and see if we are a good match to drive your company forward.

About the author:

A founder of multiple startups Hader Ali is an innovation & business consultant.

Hader Ali Consultancy works with startups, SMEs, and large organisations. Specialising in business strategy, product/service development, sales & marketing.

To future-proof your business. Hader Ali Consultancy will work with your company to create an innovation portfolio by providing a framework for structured innovation. All while creating an ecosystem of ideas and a culture of innovation.

Follow me on LinkedIn & Twitter @HaderA1i or get in touch for a free consultation.




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