5 Benefits of asking Sales Prospects More Questions

Communication is a “two-way street”, from a sales & business development perspective, a key part of that is asking real questions that show you care about solving a prospect’s problems. And getting this right can earn you their trust.

In truth, your sales prospects don’t really want to hear features of your products or the nitty-gritty details about your services, what they consider is how the product features or details of your services solve any of their daily challenges. When you understand this, it changes how you approach sales pitches and ultimately helps you to meet and surpass your sales target.

However, your sales prospects won’t just splurge their daily challenges or problems at your feet. You have to be deliberate about it by asking the right questions. Not that you’ll turn your conversations into an interrogation, but rather find smart and intuitive ways to get them to open up about themselves or their companies. Find below the value of asking the right questions to your sales conversations:

1. Discover what can inspire your prospects to make a buy

When you get to the root of your prospect’s profound disenchantments, you can then tailor your product as the right solution they need to invest in. You can’t deduce that from intuition or guess, it comes from your prospects telling you in their own words. Only good questions can get them to talk. This will ensure you’re not just spraying and hoping something sticks, but rather can present your product in the specific perspective your prospects need.

2.  Quickly identify prospects in your target market

Nothing like wasting resources – time and money – on a particular prospect only to find out there was never a chance there anyway. You can avoid this by asking the right questions, right off the bat of the relationship. At that instance, you or your sales executives can know if a prospect needs your product or service, or not and can target appropriately. This would help you save resources and better manage your sales process.

3. Allows you listen more to your prospect

A lot of sales executives make the mistake of talking and talking, till they bore the prospects out. At that point, perhaps the only thing you’ll be getting is their business card and not their money or business. But asking the right questions makes you want to listen to their responses more attentively since the point is to pick out what exactly they need and craft your responses to echo the prospects issues and concerns.

4. Earn their trust

Relationships play a major role in making the first sale and securing recurring patronage. Relationships are, however, are as strong as the trust between the parties involved. There’s a small window to earn a prospect’s trust, and an easy way to achieve this quickly is by asking real penetrating questions that show that you are listening and care this will help build trust. When you take your time to understand the prospects real issues, they’ll be more likely to buy your product or service and more importantly keep buying from you.

5.  Make your presentations personal

With all the information you get from a prospect by asking the right questions, you can create personalised pitches and increase your chances of a sale. This helps you avoid making assumptions that are far-fetched and help you hone in on the real issues plaguing your prospects. It all involves taking that deliberate effort to knowing your prospects better.

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